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ibook 2000 kernel config, install config


I'm installing Debian 3.0r1 ppc from CDs onto a year 2000 ibook.

The supplied 2.14 kernel boots okay, but includes some modules for devices
unavailable (such as pmcia). I want to modify the default kernel configuration. After searching the lists here, and trying these urls:

I tried installing BenH's way with BenH's kernel for an ibook3. However the
kernel crashes on boot, unable to find the module system for fext2. After adding
fs ext2 module, on boot, the kernel hangs indefinitely after trying to write to
the realtime clock (which now appears to be set near the beginning --year 1904)
 . =(

1. Is there a kernel or config file ready for use on a year 2000 ibook?

2. Where can I find a copy of the .config files used to build the ppc default
kernels?  I want to diff them to help reduce experimentation time.

3. I think I read in one of the debian-powerpc threads that fs ext2 is no longer
kept uptodate. Is this so? Should I be installing ext3 with journaling given 4GB
HD space (shared with MacOS 9 on 10GB HD)?

4. I've set aside 2GB MacOS standard partition with the hope of
initializing/formatting it so that files can be shared between the two OSes. Are
there instructions on software/linux commands to format it as MSDOS or some
other format readible by both OSes?


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