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Hi all,

My attempts to get debian running smoothly on my Beige G3 have hit 
another fault. After a successful install, I was in X Windows and running 
KPackage to add some extra apps....then during the installing of the 
packages from the cd the computer hung (i guess maybe cos my cd was 
slightly scratched ... the installer/my drive is very sensitive to these)... So I 
forced a reboot and on reboot I came up with an error as fsck ran at startup. 
Something about the superblock and some magic number being messed up 
and so running e2fsck -b 8193 /dev/sda didn't help either!

Can anyone help me and spare me the 2 or more hours required for the 
complete install which is probably the 4th time I am doing.

Desperately in need of any tips,


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