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mono 0.24 installation howto


I was unsure if I should publish it at all, since there are unofficial
debian packages at http://www.debianplanet.org/mono/ , which I heavily
recommend to use, but in the light of
the Mono 0.24 release, I decided to announce my step-by-step
installation guide to Mono on Debian Woody, since there aren't any
woody debs yet for version 0.24.

You can find my guide at
http://n.ethz.ch/student/awuest/debian/mono_installation_woody.html .
Unfortunately, the mono runtime doesn't seem to build on my machine
with garbage collection enabled. This wasn't very bad on 0.23, but with
the 0.24 release, there comes the new JIT, called mini, for which the
configure script doesn't build the Makefile correctly, i.e. it always
wants a gc, even when there is none (which, of course, breaks make).

So you have to apply a small patch, which is downloadable from within
the guide or directly from
http://n.ethz.ch/student/awuest/debian/mono_diffs/mono/mini/Makefile.diff .

I don't know if my machine is the only machine on which it doesn't
build with garbage collection, or if there exists an overall problem
on PoewrPC, but the unofficial .debs seem to build
problemfree on other machines (I haven't yet tried them on mine). If
someone of you is going to follow my guide, I would be very happy if
he or she could send me a short email, telling me if it works or not on
their machine with gc.

Best wishes,

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