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Re: can't ./configure kallery....

On   6 May, this message from Benjamin Swatek echoed through cyberspace:
> well, thanks zlib1g-dev helped for this, thanks, and 
>  ./configure --help helped aswell, as the next thing was that it
> didn't find X includes, but now it doesn't find libXext...
> I don't find no hint in ./configure --help so whats this now?
> ah and vy the way, whenever I do an apt-get install I get:
> Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
> Whats this? seems like everything installs, but anyway I don't like
> WARNING and more over when I don't understand it and its about C
> librarys.

Well, the message is clear, no? glibc doesn't support the locale you're
using .-).

compare the output of 'locale', and see whether the locale settings you
see in there have an equivalent line in the output of 'locale -a'.

'locale' shows your locale config, and locale -a shows what your glibc

If your urrent locale isn't supported (which the message above
indicates), either change your locale setting, or make glibc support it
(man locale-gen for more info, dpkg-reconfigure locales to change



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