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Re: Bad sound from iMac headphone jacks

Hi Matthew,

Sorry this is directed to you rather than the list, but I'm having
problems. You could paste this in a mail to the list to keep your
thread alive if you like.

On Thursday, May 1, 2003, at 08:13 PM, Matthew Buckett wrote:

I'm running debian woody on a iMac 350 (slot loading) and I seem to
get problems with the sound when it is sent through the headphones
socket on the right of the machine. The sound is rough, not
crackly, it's difficult to describe but definatly wrong. I think
the sound is ok through the speaker but it is not as easy to tell.
I do not have this problem under Mac OS9 or Mac OSX. I'm using
dmasound_pmac and the standard debian kernel:

I have a 400Mhz iMac that also has this problem. Sound via the (right
side) headphone socket is fine under OSX, but with both OSS/free
*and* alsa it sounds... kinda... awful. Really awful.

Also is it possible to have the speakers muted when headphones are
plugged in as under Mac OS(9,X)?

Alsa (the 0.9.x version powermac driver) does this by default, and
there is a switch to disable the auto-switching, and you can have
either or both the speakers and the external playing.. very nice if
only the external sound output was clear :(

Alsa also works well with the internal mic (the one at the top of the
monitor on my iMac) and also seems  to fix the "Your sound card
doesn't support 48Khz audio" error's that mplayer et al give with

So I would suggest trying alsa for a better driver solution, and
sending a bug-report to the alsa guys, or sending it to one of their
mailing lists at alsa-project.org.

I guess at the moment it sounds like the external line is being
played at 11Khz or something... really poor quality, crackly etc.

Good luck, Gavin Baker

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