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Re: updating yaboot

On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 09:30:05AM -0400, Fred Heitkamp wrote:

> I have been having trouble with my bootstrap partition as well. It
> seems I get yaboot on the bootstrap partition working but then it
> gets disabled by something.  I have noticed this since I upgraded
> to Jaguar. However, I have a backup yaboot/yaboot conf, and a few
> Linux kernels on my OS 9 Partition.  When yaboot on the bootstrap
> stops working I can go into Openfirmware and boot using my backup
> yaboot.  I use a command something like this:
> boot /pci@f2000000/ATTO,ExpressPCIProUL366@12\@6:8,yaboot
> The other thing good to have is a rescue ramdisk image on your
> OS 9 partition with a corresponding option in the yaboot.conf
> Not sure I've helped at all.  Can anyone point me to some infomation
> on what Jaguar has done to my system? It won't boot a Debian CDROM
> (or even an OS 9 CDROM) when I hold down the "C" key during boot.

Not sure. The advice about putting your bootstrap partition
before other partitions on the disk is supposed to help
it stay as the first partition OF finds. But if you ever
open Startup Disk is MacOS, just open it not even use it,
it will de-bless all non-Mac partitions. So maybe that's it.


Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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