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updating yaboot

I am a Linux beginner with a Mirror-door Dual1GHZ.

I have tried endlessly to get both Mandrake or Debian Linux to boot on this system. I have 3 drives, 2 in the ATA-100, 1-ATA 33 (Linux Drive) in the ATA 66.

I have properly partitioned and installed. This last time I did not even install 1.3.6 yaboot onto the apple bootstrap, knowing I need 1.3.10 to work on my machine.

How do I manually install yaboot without being able to see that drive from OSX? Can I see it from OS9 or some other means?

I have extensive overall computer knowledge in both windows and macos environments since the PCAT and Apple IIe. I have no Linux experience at all.

Please help.  35-40 hours and nothing but a white screen at startup.


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