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Re: updating yaboot

On Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Raymond Born wrote:

> How do I manually install yaboot without being able to see that drive
> from OSX?  Can I see it from OS9 or some other means?

I'm not sure what you mean about seeing that drive?  Do you
mean seeing a Linux partition or a yaboot bootstrap partition?

It's seems to be a catch 22 with powerpc Linux.  You are better
off making the bootstrap partition with mac-fdisk, but you can't
use mac-fdisk util you can boot Linux.

> I have extensive overall computer knowledge in both windows and macos
> environments since the PCAT and Apple IIe.  I have no Linux experience
> at all.

Well GNU/Linux is a lot like UNIX, but there is a lot of hardware and
kernel specific information.
> Please help.  35-40 hours and nothing but a white screen at startup.

I have been having trouble with my bootstrap partition as well. It
seems I get yaboot on the bootstrap partition working but then it
gets disabled by something.  I have noticed this since I upgraded
to Jaguar. However, I have a backup yaboot/yaboot conf, and a few
Linux kernels on my OS 9 Partition.  When yaboot on the bootstrap
stops working I can go into Openfirmware and boot using my backup
yaboot.  I use a command something like this:
boot /pci@f2000000/ATTO,ExpressPCIProUL366@12\@6:8,yaboot

The other thing good to have is a rescue ramdisk image on your
OS 9 partition with a corresponding option in the yaboot.conf

Not sure I've helped at all.  Can anyone point me to some infomation
on what Jaguar has done to my system? It won't boot a Debian CDROM
(or even an OS 9 CDROM) when I hold down the "C" key during boot.


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