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Re: possible php bug on powerpc/4.2.3

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 09:49:41AM +0200, Jean-Christophe Michel wrote:
> Hi all,
> var_export() seems to print delirious contents when printing an array:
> only the first two or three values are correctly printed. Then it seems
> to be like utf8 printed in iso-latin1...
> I experienced this on a powerpc/testing with php as cgi and module,
> php -v gives 4.2.3.
> Could someone have the same test on some other machines ?
> I don't know if it's a php bug or a ppc pkg one... though there's no bug
> report till now on bugs.php.net.

I also get this, and it doesn't happen on the i386 version of the same
module... Have you submitted a bug report? I can't see it if you have.
(4.2.3-12 here...) The stable and testing versions of PHP4 predate this
function call's presence.

I'll have a look at the code later on and see if there's something funny
going on, endian wise... But first, I'll check the php4 CVS and see if
it's a known bug... Nothing in the PHP4 bug-tracking system...

In the 4.2.3-12 package, the functions are ext/standard/var.c:237-329.
Nothing obviously wrong... The current PHP4 CVS has it exactly the

I'll have a go at this with some debugging output when I've got the
time... Please X-DebBugs-CC: me when you submit the bugreport, or
let me know what the Bug # is, if it's reported but I've overlooked
it. And make sure you tag the bug 'sid' since it's relevant to the
version of PHP4 in unstable, to avoid affecting the testing-update
scripts' work.

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