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possible php bug on powerpc/4.2.3

Hi all,

var_export() seems to print delirious contents when printing an array:
only the first two or three values are correctly printed. Then it seems
to be like utf8 printed in iso-latin1...

I experienced this on a powerpc/testing with php as cgi and module,
php -v gives 4.2.3.
Could someone have the same test on some other machines ?
I don't know if it's a php bug or a ppc pkg one... though there's no bug
report till now on bugs.php.net.

Here is a code to test:

// file test.php
  echo 'var_export test<br>';

  $a = array('hello', 'bonjour', 'Guten Tag', 'Hayo', 'Salam', 'Buon


// you can try too 
// echo var_export($a, true);


Jean-Christophe Michel

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