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booting debian on a powerbook g3 wallstreet after first installation

hello all,

 maybe one of you knows what to do about the boot problem
after the first installation of debian stable powerpc.

i have a powerbook g3 wallstreet with 250 MHz CPU and 192 MB
RAM. it's an oldworld system with an 2.0.1 firmware.

installation works fine. i boot the boot-floppy-hfs.img
which asks for the root-floppy. after having loaded this
one dbootstrap starts and i can do everything as usual.
set up the network and download packages. fdisk my harddrive.
i have reinitialized my partition table and created one
linux partition(3.75GB) and a swap partition(350MB) at the end
of the disk. finally i make the system bootable, using quik to
do this, and reboot.

nothing happens... black screen.

i have looked for a description of this problem in the net
but only found somebody's answer to a mailing-list-post
saying that the out- and input-devices would be set to the
serial port. i checked that but found the settings correct
i think. the were set to "screen" and "kbd".

i think the problem is that the firmware doesn't know
what to boot. i have resetted the firmware and after
that the grey screen with a floppy and a blinking ?-sign
appears. apple says that this meens that the system doesn't
know what to boot, not finding the default macos.

does anyone know what to do about this?

i think there are two possibilities:

- booting from a patched floppy. embarrasing...
  i would also have to keep two copies of the
  kernels i build afterwards, one on the floppy.
- hacking the firmware settings for boot-device
  and bootfile... tried this but was rather un-

would really apreciate your help....
additional tips and suggestions would also be great.
i searched the whole evening for howtos or articles
on this subject but when you look for "debian install
powerbook" at google you are flooded with all kinds
of translations of debian's own install manual...

thnx i.a.


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