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Re: Debian on an iMac

On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 06:48:15PM -0500, Jeffrey Matt wrote:
> On 2003.03.18 16:02 Ashesh Datta wrote:
> >I am rank beginner (albeit a 70 year old pensioner), ignorant of 
> >Unix, and
> >my first brush with Linux - as well as Unix - has been to try to 
> >install
> >Debian in iMac from a set of 7 CDs
> I'm in much the same boat, nominal linux experience, trying to install 
> debian on an iMac (slot-loading).  I've managed to get everything 
> running from the CD's (with the exception of PPPoE, which I had to get 
> the source for and compile myself), and most of the rest was upgraded 
> using apt-get.
> The only thing I haven't gotten running is Direct Rendering using the 
> Rage 128 card.
> Having said that, take everything I say with a grain of salt, I'm new 
> at this too.
> >    1. How do I change CDs in an iMac?
> Depending on the model iMac:
> Tray Loading - there's a hole on the right hand side of the CD tray 
> face.  Stick a paperclip in their and it'll pop open.
> Slot-Loading - Same trick, but stick the paperclip in on the far right 
> hand side of the slot itself.  It's not far in. maybe a centimeter.  If 
> goes in farther, you missed it.
> Flat Panel - I can't remember, but I think I read about a similar hole 
> somewhere (presumably near the CD tray).  If you've got a flat-panel 
> iMac, maybe someone else here who has one can help.

That's good info, I didn't know that about the slot-loading Macs.
And you're right, only CD1 is needed until you get rebooted. The
lack of the eject command has already been addressed in the new
(sarge) installer.

I've just begun developing a help app targeted to complete linux
newbies, but with a Debian slant. Would either of you like to try out
the very preliminary version and give me some feedback? (If so,
contact me off-list at tillman@voicetrak.com).


Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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