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Re: New sleep code for ATI M6, M7 and M9

> Ok, I'm verifying that the sid packages don't work for me either.
> xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk
> Version: 2003.03.11-1
> drm-trunk-module-2.4.20-ben8
> Version: 2003.03.11-1+lucy+22+lowlat+sleep
> If I disable dri, I can sleep just fine, otherwise, the screen never comes
> back on.
> -Brett

Same with me. I'm on Testing, and only updated the drm-trunk-module stuff, but it still doesn't work with DRI enabled. DRI off and I can sleep fine (which is more than good enough for me).

Thanks to Ben and Michel for getting us this far. Who at ATI do we need to thank for getting the info available? It would be good to feed back that their efforts are greatly appreciated, they might be a bit faster in coming forward in the future?

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