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Re: iBook at 640x480

On Monday 17 March 2003 02:27 am, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Can you point me to a specific place in there if you think it's
> important? I don't have time to dig through it right now.

Sorry. I thought I had, but had the URL for the wrong frame. Here's the 


> > Or do you have any other ideas? Or do you even know if this isn't
> > possible? It seems wierd that XF86 can do it but the framebuffer can't.
> Indeed, if X can do it, the framebuffer device obviously could as well.
> But as I said, I don't know if or how this is supposed to work with
> atyfb yet.

So if I get screen corruption, it may just be that atyfb doesn't support it? 
I could just chalk up my problems to that, then.

Thanks for your help,


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