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Re: New sleep code for ATI M6, M7 and M9

On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 00:37, Nirmal Govind wrote:
> > 
> > Make sure /dev/apm_bios exist and APM emulation is compiled in your
> > kernel. Tha way, X will suspend itself properly.
> Thanks a lot Ben.. I compiled APM emulation and now it works great! well.. with
> a slight quirk reported by some others.. when it comes back from suspend in X,
> there's a screen with some red and black which disappears in a second or two
> and the original desktop is restored..

The X server restores the screen contents, and it probably doesn't run
earlier. The kernel might be able to turn off the panel before, but
that's a really cosmetic detail so I wonder why it comes up so often...

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