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Re: New sleep code for ATI M6, M7 and M9

> Make sure /dev/apm_bios exist and APM emulation is compiled in your
> kernel. Tha way, X will suspend itself properly.

Thanks a lot Ben.. I compiled APM emulation and now it works great! well.. with
a slight quirk reported by some others.. when it comes back from suspend in X,
there's a screen with some red and black which disappears in a second or two
and the original desktop is restored.. which is fine with me...

Another thing - the volume is minimized (OSS) when it comes back from suspend..
which is fine I guess, I can increase teh volume on my own.. I'm using ikeyd to
map the keys.. the latest pbuttonsd (0.5.2) is weird.. it decides to suspend
the computer if there's no activity for like 1 minute or so..

Anyway, I'm extremely grateful to you Ben for this.. I travel a lot with my
ibook everyday so this is just awesome!

thanks again,

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