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Failed boot from install Debian Woody CD on IBM RS6000 7248-120

        I've been trying to install a PPC Debian Woody on an IBM RS6000
7248-120 machine.  Using the System Management Services floppy all the
hardware tests succeed and I can set the machine to boot from floppy first,
and then CD Rom.  I tryed booting from the CD Rom, I get the prompt:

Linux/PPC load: root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

  No matter how I change the root=/dev/fd0 line (I remember I tryed /dev/scd0,
/dev/sr0 and /dev/sdc... the CD Rom drive has ID 3 and there's no ID 2 device)
I get the following on the screen:

SCSI host 0 abort (pid 4) timed out - resetting
SCSI bus is beeing reset for host 0 channel 0.
ncr53c8xx_reset: pid=4 reset_flags=2 serial_number=1 serial_number_at_timeout+1

  I get this message over and over again, with the "serial_number" and
"serial_number_at_timeout" values increasing at each cicle.

I prepared the four boot disks out of the images found on the first install CD
Rom on
but when I try to boot from the rescue floppy, I am promped to insert the SMS
floppy and the machine reboots.  I compared the floppy images against the raw
floppy devices, they are fine, no error is detected.  I insert the SMS floppy,
run again all of the hardware tests, everything's ok.  I also tried to boot
from the CD with the root floppy inserted, leaving the default boot prompt

Linux/PPC load: root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

Everythig goes as described above.
  The file

1. Installing Debian GNU/Linux on a PowerPC CHRP machine

     Not ready yet!!!  Please add documentation.


Has anyone had success installing Debian Woody on a 7248-120 RS6000 machine?
Or should I consider another distro?


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