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Re: is this a bug or a misconfiguration?.

Le samedi 08 mars vers 21:55 Peter Rooney écrivît :

> good folk,


> statemnt of 'problem'
> mouse freezes upon logging out of kde (2.2.2), both as user and as root.
> restarting the X server (alt-E) restores mouse movement.
> anyone seen this before?  ideas?

Yes, it's a known bug of Kde-2.2.2 with XFree<4.2. I had the same problem,
I upgraded X to 4.2 and the freeze disappeared. Hum, not the exact truth, I
also removed Kde few weeks after :o)

But if you don't want to upgrade X, you can configure the Xserver to reset
on logout.

Hope that helps,


"It's not a bug, it's a feature!" - Anonymous 
{\tt solignac{\char'100}altern.org}

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