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Re: Kernel 2.4.20-ben7 not booting on my iBook 500

Hi Ben.

here are the last lines of the debug texts:

16 -> 0
32 -> 0
PCI:00:10.0: Resource 0: 94000000-97ffffff (f=1208), vd: 1002, dev: 4c46
PCI:00:10.0: Resource 2: 90000000-90003fff (f=200), vd: 1002, dev: 4c46
PCI:10:17.0: Resource 0: 80000000-8007ffff (f=200), vd: 106b, dev: 0025
PCI:20:0f.0: Resource 0: f5200000-f53fffff (f=200), vd: 106b, dev: 0024
PCI:00:10.0: Resource 1: 00802400-008024ff (f=101), vd: 1002, dev: 4c46
PCI:10:18.0: Resource 0: 80081000-80081fff (f=200), vd: 106b, dev: 0026
PCI:10:19.0: Resource 0: 80080000-80080fff (f=200), vd: 106b, dev: 0026
PCI:20:0e.0: Resource 0: f5000000-f5000fff (f=200), vd: 106b, dev: 0030
Linux NET4.0 for Linux 2.4
Based upon Swansea University Computer Society NET3.039
Initializing RT netlink socket
Thermal assist unit using timers, shrink_timer: 200 jiffies
Machine check in kernel mode.

I printed out the dmesg of the ben6 kernel, so I could compare the
output. nice trick, eh?

I hope, that helps.

I will try the patch of arch/ppc/kernel/btext.c, now too.

Bye, claas

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