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Re: Sticky keyboard

Am Samstag, 1. März 2003 18:17 schrieb Edward G. Speyer:
> Hello all,
> It looks like Mac OS X is coping with iBook2 being hot, but my 2.4.20-ben5
> Woody install isn't.

I made the same observation. It's especially on the left half of the case
while the right half stays quiet cool. At least the fan is not running - what
he did prior to installing ben5 kernel.

> I have been having problems with my iBook2's keyboard and mouse -- keys
> are behaving like they are stuck down (even though they aren't physically
> stuck down) and the mouse is intermittently `jerky'.

My mouse is alwys kind of jerky when running Linux. If I put a finger on the
trackpad without moving it, the pointer moves a little bit back and force
like brownian motion.

Unfortunately I have no solutions, yet.


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