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Sticky keyboard

Hello all,

It looks like Mac OS X is coping with iBook2 being hot, but my 2.4.20-ben5
Woody install isn't.

I have been having problems with my iBook2's keyboard and mouse -- keys
are behaving like they are stuck down (even though they aren't physically
stuck down) and the mouse is intermittently `jerky'.

These problems seem to coincide with occasions when my iBook gets really 
hot underneath.  The problems go away in Mac OS X, but are there again 
when I reboot back into Woody.  Switching off the iBook for a bit seems to 
make the problems go away.

Has anyone experienced these problems or have hints as to how to resolve 



p.s. my friends and I thought that maybe Linux isn't scaling the CPU speed 
down when it gets too hot and Mac OS X *is* doing the scaling.  Are we 

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