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X Window System crashs in powerbook 12'

Hi list,

I've installed Debian GNU/Linux in my powerbook 12" box but now I have
some troubles with X Window System.

I've installed the XFree from a Debian packages but in my
xf86config I haven't support for nvidia. I've tried other drivers like
VESA, but it doesn't work well. If I put the nv driver in XF86Config my
X Window crash and show me a nice black screen.

Any sugerence? Anybody has tested the Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia web

Thanks in advance.

Alejandro Sanchez Acosta

asanchez@gnu.org				   GNU is not Unix.
raciel@es.gnu.org			           GNU Spain is not Unix.
raciel@gnome.org				   GNOME the GNU Desktop.

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