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Re[2]: having problems with x-acceleration

> You probably need to make sure the agpgart kernel module is loaded
> before the radeon kernel module. To that end, I have created a file
> /etc/modutils/drm containing

thanks a lot!
it wasn't the only problem, but it was part of it...
now that this works, it seems to have created another problem:
i'm playing a bit with blender (think you know that :-)).
the acceleration shows its effect in two ways here: it's now fast
enough to use... and it gives me the following error when i try to
render: "blender: radeon_vtxfmt.c:1057: radeonVtxfmtUnbindContext:
Assertion 'vb.context == ctx' failed."
is this a program bug or a bug in the radeon driver?

thanks again,
robert natau

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