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having problems with x-acceleration


i have one of the new ibooks (12", 800mhz, radeon m7).
after reading some howto's i installed xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk,
xlibmesa3-dri-trunk and drm-trunk-module-src (and compiled the

now without the radeon-kernel-module avaiable (or with the old,
incompatible one) everything is running fine, but x is not
with the correct radeon driver module (V1.7.0) i get a very strange
behaviour: when i start x (with startx), the whole machine seems to
freeze (the screen turns black and i'm no more able to switch
consoles. but it is still possible to log in with ssh.
looking at 'ps axu', X seems to hang in a loop (uses 99.9% cpu).

does anyone know this problem, or better, its solution?
thanks in advance,
robert natau

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