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Re: X Stuck Again, Naturally

On   1 Mar, this message from Syd Bauman echoed through cyberspace:
> I finally got a working monitor (an Apple Multiple Scan 1705 Display)
> attached to the PowerComputing PowerTower Pro 225.

According to
that's a 9600 clone (6 PCI slots) with an IMS video card.

> So I went ahead
> and installed Debian "Woody" 3.0, just as I've done several times
> before on several machines (including this one).

Which kernel did you install? I recommend a 2.4 kernel; but I'm not sure
what the Debian powermac 2.4 kernel is named in the installer...
Somebody help me out :-). A 2.2 kernel, the default, will not recognize
all your PCI slots.

> During the install
> process I was asked for the PCI bus address of the video card. If I
> recall correctly, in previous installs if I was asked this question
> there was a default value filled in which I simply accepted. But not
> so this time. It was blank. The installer offered the advice to use
> the `lspci' command to determine the address. So I popped to a
> different tty and tried that command. The output (appended below)
> doesn't have information for anything that is obviously a video card
> (at least to me), so I didn't enter anything, crossed my fingers, and
> went on with the install.

That's most probably a sign that you're using a 2.2 kernel, and that
your video card is in the other group of 3 slots compared to the
Ethernet card (which obviously is detected).
> Later on it (where I don't know what "it" was, but it looks similar
> to dpkg-reconfigure xserver-sfree86) asked me for the brand of my
> video card. I don't know, but thought it might be ATI, so I chose
> "ati", crossed my fingers, and went on with the install.

If it still has the original video card, it's an IMS card. To detect it,
two options: either move it to the lower/upper group of 3 PCI slots
(oposite of what it's in now), or get a 2.4 kernel for the installation. 

> Well, not too suprisingly, X isn't happy with the video settings. The
> error messages appended below (from the log file; I've included the
> whole thing per the message it displays; would people prefer if it
> were an attachment?) were followed by
>      X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

Yeah, of course, because X doesn't run.

Anybody with an IMS card around that can take over?



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