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Re: OT : How best to prolong iBook battery longevity (not Debian specific)

Historically, "NiCad" and other rechargeable batteries
had to be "deep cycled" (completely drained before
recharging) in order to avoid "loss" in total battery
charge.  Generally, if you discharged to 10% before
recharging, when you got back down to 10%, the battery
pretty much thought it was empty.

The newer rechargeables, the Lithium ones, do not have
this problem.  I am unaware if there is some bad
effect from discharging this type of battery.

I actually had a one week course on battery charging. 
We had batteries from the 1960s and chargers from the
1970s. (sure seemed like it, anyway, the equipment
that needed batteries was from the 1950s)

ciao :)

--- Nicolas Lopez <i.am@the.glowingmonkey.org> wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 09:36:29AM +1100, Tim
> Bateman wrote:
> > That is interesting, thanks. My max charge was
> 3475 but I have an iBook
> > 12", is yours a 14" and thus the larger battery ?
>   Nope 12.1, 500Mhz.  I don't recall seeing the
> first battery over 4000
> though. My fuzzy memory places it between 3400 &
> 3800.  Maybe Apple improved
> their batteries and I got a good one as a
> replacement.  I brought it down to
> about 25% today and it didn't die so if there is a
> cliff it's not that bad
> yet.   It ran minimally (No screen, clocked down  
> to 400Mhz, very low CPU
> usage, and hte only filesystem access in a ram
> drive) from 10:30am to
> 3:30pm, and was still estimating 1 -1:30 left on the
> battery.
>   Hmm, I may have to bring it down a bit more and
> look for a cliff later.
>   - Nick Lopez
>     kimo_sabe@atdot.org
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