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Re: OT : How best to prolong iBook battery longevity (not Debian specific)

On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 09:36:29AM +1100, Tim Bateman wrote:
> That is interesting, thanks. My max charge was 3475 but I have an iBook
> 12", is yours a 14" and thus the larger battery ?
  Nope 12.1, 500Mhz.  I don't recall seeing the first battery over 4000
though. My fuzzy memory places it between 3400 & 3800.  Maybe Apple improved
their batteries and I got a good one as a replacement.  I brought it down to
about 25% today and it didn't die so if there is a cliff it's not that bad
yet.   It ran minimally (No screen, clocked down   to 400Mhz, very low CPU
usage, and hte only filesystem access in a ram drive) from 10:30am to
3:30pm, and was still estimating 1 -1:30 left on the battery.
  Hmm, I may have to bring it down a bit more and look for a cliff later.
  - Nick Lopez
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