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ALSA and OSS WAS: Re: A happy story to end the year...

On Tue, Dec 31, 2002 at 01:34:21 -0500, Shawn Powers composed:
> I am writing this on my freshly installed, Sid-based iBook.  You might
> recall my recent laments regarding 3D acceleration on my Rage128 card...
> I *finally* got everything working right!  The secret?  Search OLD debian
> lists... as my ibook came out during the time of the potato release. 
> (very first white ibook)
> Turns out, I had to disable agpgart.o (someone had me enable it... perhaps
> it's needed for a newer ibook, but not mine) had to load the r128.o
> module, run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 to make sure the modules were
> right... and run at 16bit color.  (The last took me a LONG time to
> discover, but it was the final piece to the puzzle)

my question is, what kind of colour depth does the server think you
have, i.e., run at 16 bpp turns out to be 'TrueColor' (32bpp)?

> I will also add that Sid is VERY stable for me, and the newer packages (ie
> mozilla) are really nice!!!!

> Could I possibly send an email without a question?  Perhaps, but not this
> one. :)  Is there a big advantage to using ALSA vs OSS?  I'm currently
> using OSS, but read ALSA may be worth the hassle to configure, as it is
> more CPU friendly...  Any thoughts?

well, for ALSA i just compiled from source, with
--with-cards=powermac,dummy (dummy just in case i need it) and other
options, and installed the kernel modules afterwards. there is a little 
of a hassle but if you read the documentation it shouldn't be too much 
of a problem. some ppl have had success using ALSA with devfsd, some 
others have not. i guess YMMV on that one.

other than that, i've had nothing but smooth sailing with ALSA. i'm just
hoping it stays free.


> I hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!!!
> -Shawn
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