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Re: Resizing an HFS+ Partition?

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 09:49:09PM -0500, Michael D. Crawford wrote:
> I'm starting to think about putting Linux on my iBook.  But I've been using 
> it for a while, it came installed with some stuff, and it would be a drag 
> to reinstall everything.
> Is there a tool, even one you have to pay for, for resizing an HFS+ 
> partition to make room for Linux?  Or would be be better off to 
> repartition, reformat and reinstall?
> I'm a happy user of Woody on my venerable old 8500.
> My iBook is one of the models released this last spring, it is a 700 Mhz G3 
> with 12 inch screen.

At www.fwb.com, Hard Disk Toolkit is said to do 'dynamic partition resizing'
and work with HFS+.

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