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Re: DRI not working with ATI Radeon M7

"Michel Dänzer" <daenzer@debian.org> writes:

> What happens here is that the drmSetBusId ioctl, which is definitely
> _inside the kernel_ (in the DRM to be exact), thinks it doesn't have the
> permissions to do what it's supposed to do, even though it's called from
> the X server running as root. The only cause for that I can imagine (and
> which has been confirmed several times on the dri-devel list to cause
> such problems) is a mismatch between the views of the kernel and the DRM
> on the kernel data structures holding capabilities.
> Hope this clarifies a bit instead of creating even more confusion...

I've recompiled everything (kernel + drm-modules), so we can rule out
the gcc version problem. 

At least, I've got something new : I compiled drm-modules from
gatos.sf.net, today's cvs state. I've got exactly the same behavior
(black screen, X eating 99.99% of CPU), _but_ the X log says
everything is normal (no more drmSetBusId error), including dri.

The new log is to be found here :

Any further idea ?


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