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Re: DRI not working with ATI Radeon M7

   I would be surprised if it was a gcc mismatch. I run the debian
sid xfree86 4.2.1 packages built with gcc 2.95.4 against benh kernels
built with gcc 3.2 all the time and have never had a problem with
dri loading, This is using agpgart under debian ppc. Are you sure you
haven't left bits of a previous XFree86 installation behind? 
   I had to reinstall my machine last week and in migrating from
a woody installation to current debian sid, the default XF86Config-4
was sufficient for dri/agpgart to work once you rebuild a kernel
with support enabled for your chipset (a Rage128 in my case).
ps I do have devfs support enabled in the kernel and mounted at boot
time if that makes any difference.

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