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Re: ARGH, weird SCSI I/O errors on second/third drive on Debian/PPC

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> Could the original drive still be terminated after you have installed the other 
> drives?  It is probably worse to have extra termination than to have none at 
> all.  Make sure you've got it right.

The original drive was NOT installed at the end of the chain. (The 
original Apple-branded CD-ROM drive was...) So I don't think termination 
would be an issue for this drive, no?

How do I know if I got it right? I wish there was a "scsidiag" program 
that would say "Your termination sucks, try this; your SCSI IDs have a 
conflict, try this..."

> I think on my 8500 the original configuration had the boot drive in the middle 
> of the bus, the CD drive at one end and the host bus adapter at the other end. 
>   The CD drive was terminated.
> If your CD drive is providing the termination there is probably a jumber that 
> you can remove.  If your hard drive is terminated on the drive, there is 
> probably a resistor pack you can remove - although it is probably harder to be 
> certain you're pulling the right thing off.

The thing that confuses me is thus: There are several termination options 
for the drive I placed at the end of the SCSI chain (read the Web page I 
referred to: http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/scsi/st15150n.html ). I 
do not know which ones are  correct. "Terminate power from drive"? 
"Terminate power to SCSI bus"? I know nothing of these things.

> There is a Mac OS utility called SCSI probe you might find helpful.  The 
> version of it that Adaptec distributes is a pretty fancy version.  I think it 
> might tell you if your bus is terminated correctly.  I'm not sure but you might 
> try it.  Check at http://www.adaptec.com/ it should be available as a free 
> download.
> Mike

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