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Re: ARGH, weird SCSI I/O errors on second/third drive on Debian/PPC

Could the original drive still be terminated after you have installed the other drives? It is probably worse to have extra termination than to have none at all. Make sure you've got it right.

I think on my 8500 the original configuration had the boot drive in the middle of the bus, the CD drive at one end and the host bus adapter at the other end. The CD drive was terminated.

If your CD drive is providing the termination there is probably a jumber that you can remove. If your hard drive is terminated on the drive, there is probably a resistor pack you can remove - although it is probably harder to be certain you're pulling the right thing off.

There is a Mac OS utility called SCSI probe you might find helpful. The version of it that Adaptec distributes is a pretty fancy version. I think it might tell you if your bus is terminated correctly. I'm not sure but you might try it. Check at http://www.adaptec.com/ it should be available as a free download.

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