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Re: Considering moving to Debian PowerPC

Le vendredi, 27 déc 2002, à 08:05 Europe/Paris, Andrew Nesbit a écrit :

Hi, I've got quite a lot of experience with the i386 port of Debian, and now that I've got myself a Powerbook G4 667 ("DVI revision"), I'm considering putting debian-powerpc on it.

Unfortunately, documentation is relatively scarce, so I have the following preparatory questions:

* How does the benh kernel differ from the official kernel?

It's a compiled kernel for iBook series (quite different from the Titanium). If you know how to configure and build you're own kernel, then gather on apple.com the spec of your titanium and do it yourself..... Be carefull, your CPU is a G4 but it's real name is 7450 !!!! So you should select in the platform section "6xxx/7xxx/74xxx/8260", and NOT "Power4".

* This TiBook has a Mobility Radeon 7500; am I able to get DRI and all associated goodies working under XFree86?

The DRi exists for XFree86 4.1 but is still EXPERIMENTAL....

* How well does power management work (idle CPU, sleep/suspend, etc)?

You should use few kernel options : "APM EMULATION", "Backlight support" and "Support ANS LCD display". In order to use these correctly, you should install and run the "apmd" daemon.

* Any other patches/utilities/tips a Linux/PPC user should be aware of?


Thankyou in advance,


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