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Re: Activating L3 cache on a Crescendo G4 400 card (powerMac 7300)

> I think you were on the right track. I have a similar setup: a Sonnet
> G3/375 in an 8500.  I use Powerlogix's utilities to set the CPU:cache
> ratio on boot up.  The Powerlogix extension loads before the BootX
> extension, so I do nothing with the G3 settings in BootX. Under Linux,
> a check of /proc/cpu/l2cr (or something similar) shows the cache is
> activated and running.  Try that and see ...
> cheers
> vinai

I changed the TypeCreator of the extension from Crescendo in order to load
it first. Seems that it is a little faster (mostly the graphical interface.
More responsive ). But nothing appears in /proc/cpuinfo
The L2 cahce from the motherborad (256k) is still there and nothing else.
What test (speed test) could let me know if there is a difference between
the 2 configurations (Crescendo ext loaded or not)?

   Philippe Teissier

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