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Re: Activating L3 cache on a Crescendo G4 400 card (powerMac 7300)

Title: Re: Activating L3 cache on a Crescendo G4 400 card (powerMac 7300)
Some more details ... :

After a little bit of work it appears that BootX checks for a G3 processor to enable the cache. Or G3 or G4 cards use the same way to enable the cache, so everything can work but is not.
I did a small change in the GrabCache Settings app given with Bootx, and she writes the god informations now in the BootX prefs file. But bootx will not enable this checkbox, unless I figure out a way to remove the ‘if ....’ somewhere in the sourcecode. the pb is that I can’t compile BootX for the moment (the 68k linker is not installed yet on my other box)

The question is : Is there another way than bootx to enable the cache ? For example a small piece of code to run as root in linux that will do the job, or even a special version of the kernel ?

Thanx for your help!


I would like to use this cache on my box ...
I saw some tutorials for PowerLogic cards (with their Cache Utilitie). It seems to work with the card even if it’s not a power logic, but the fact is bootx does not agree to enable the ‘set cache button’

Any tips ?


  Philippe Teissier

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