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Re: mixed version of airport driver

>On Tue, Dec 24, 2002 at 01:40:55PM +0100, Roland Wegmann wrote:
>> I compiled Ben's kernel (rsynced on the 18th of Dec) with the airport,
>> orinoco and hermes as modules. Further I apt-got the wireless-tools
>> (testing). Now, using iwconfig eth1, I got the following message:
>> Warning: Driver for device eth1 has been compiled with version 14
>> of Wireless Extension, while this program is using version 15.
>> Some things may be broken...
>I recompiled wireless-tools ... 
>I did ... 
>apt-get source wireless-tools
>edit the Makefile:
>There is a variable,"FORCE_TO_USE_VERSION = 15" or similar.
>I changed it to use 14 and typed:
>I installed the package with dpkg -i and put it on hold.
>It works for me ....
>		Regards	
>				Jan

The only things I ever compiled are kernels. So I have no expierence in
compiling 'normal' packages. Can I treat the source of wireless-tools
like the source of modules (means create a directory in /usr/src/ named
wireless-tools) or can I compile them anywhere in the file tree?

What does 'put it on hold' mean?

Thanks Jan for helping me so far

Roland Wegmann

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