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Re: Problems with X on iBook

Disclaimer: Note that i am a complete newbie so the solutions I give below 
may be not very good or suitable. At least they work for me on an iBook 2, 
700Mhz with an ATI Radeon Mobility M6 LW. Note also that this mail is 
dated of 23/12/2002, so if you are reading this a long time after try to 
get more up to date information.

>  Thje X server that is shiped with Debian does'nt wrk at all. The one that 
> flicker is the one I get here:
> http://people.debian.org/~daenzer/dri-trunk/
> I tried the things suggested here:
> http://groups.google.fr/groups?q=+++debian+ibook+radeon&hl=fr&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UT
> F-8&selm=3D946B71.10201%40gmx.de&rnum=3
> but the kernel compilation didn't work. IL all ended like this:

 That was my bad. I picked the Power3 platform witch is not the good 
one for iBook (I am a newbie in Macintoshs and i've been confused by the 

>  At that point I am completely dispaired. So if you have an idea to make 
> the compilation work (I already changed the binutils to sarge binutils, 
> but it didn't work).

 Now things goes smoothly. 

The Xserver works. But I had to do some tricks like 

   1) In order to get the keyboard to work properly I added the following 
somewhere in the boot scripts (bootmisc.sh on my Debian):
  echo 1 > /proc/sys/dev/mac_hid/keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes
   without this my keyboard sends very odd code and the keys are 
completely scrambled ( the space bar gives an 'n'...). Is this normal? Can 
I make the kernel boot by default in this setting?
     i) I also created a .xmodmap for my french keyboard to have the AltGr 
key working. Not a perfet xmodmap file but it gives me access to '{', 
access that seemed impossible in the default setting...)

  2) compile the USB/hid module to get my USB mouse to be used 
automatically by the mean of /dev/input/mice device file. 

Hope this will help dispaired peapole that are intensivily using google to 
find a way to configure their Debian/LinuxPPC on an iBook 2, like i was 
doing yesterday ;-)


PS: Thank's to Roland who sent me his XF86Config.

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