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Re: How to install a correct Swiss German keyboard layout

On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, Roland Wegmann wrote:


 I don't know anything about German keyboard but i faced similar problems 
(impossible to get ~ for example or the | symbol)

 I found out that in the french default kbd mode the AltGr was not 

 Try this:

 Spot a key that may be used for that purpose.
 launch xev from a terminal
 give the focus to xev.
 hit the key, the terminal will display the keycode of the key.

 Now we are trying to make this key the Mode_switch key. Such a key is 
important to get some symbols. For example il french keyboard 
Mode_switch+'l' gives the ß. Shift+Mode_switch+'(' gives '['.

  you have to type:

 xmodmap -e 'keycode 108 = Mode_switch' (replace the 108 by the keycode 
you got from the first step).

 now browse your keybord by using this key (and the shift key too) You 
will find plenty of beautiful symbols that are not writen on the keybord 
keys ;-).

 I find the Caps_Lock key a prety useless key. So you may find it 
confortable to use it as Mode_switch, in this case you have to do a
xmodmap -e 'clear Lock' 
to get rid of the Lock effect.

These two instruction, once tested, can be added somwhere in your personal 
X files to be launched each time you use Xwindows. Note that they don't 
apply to the console.


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