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Re: Ethernet and AAUI

On  19 Dec, this message from Patrick Baltz echoed through cyberspace:
>>>I have a powerbook 7300 running woody (very nice ...)
>>>I have an ethernet transceiver (Apple M0437) on the AAUI port. I would
>>>like to know how to use both my built-in Ethernet card and my transceiver
>>>use my Mac as a router between my DSL connection and my own LAN.
>>Sorry, doesn't work that way. It's still only one network interface, and
>>you can only use one media port at a time (AAUI or built-in UTP port,
>>not both). PowerBook 7300? You mean a PowerMac 7300? You could just get
>>a PCI NIC and throw it in, and go with that; it'd probably be your best

Yeah, you can have cheap 10/100 cards for a few bucks (RTL139-based;
works relatively well).

> Or alternatively, you could setup up an alias for the built-in 
> interface.  I have used a similar setup before, and it works.  Don't 
> know what affect using the interface for two addresses has on network 
> traffic, but if all you want to do is share access and you don't get too 
> much traffic, it should work.
> You will need a network hub, preferably 10/100M.  Hook up the DSL modem 
> and all your computers to the hub.  To setup an alias on a network 
> interface you can do something like this:
> ifconfig eth0:0 netmask

I wouldn't recommend such a setup. In that case you can just connect the
ADSL modem on your LAN and drop any firewall functionality.



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