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On Dec 18 2002, Alessander de Souza Goulart wrote:
> I need a gun... I need put end in my life!!!!
> My fantastic PowerBook G4-667Mhz (Titanium), has die... It's play
> initial "boing", search everything in DVDROM drive and stop.
> Everyone has passed for this?

	Wow, that's not exactly good, especially since one of these
	machines costs here in Brazil the same as a third of a small

	Anyway, can you enter OpenFirmware (Cmd-Option-O-F, right
	after the initial chime)? If yes, then the problem might not
	be with the LCD (one possibility). If that doesn't help, you
	could try to reset the NVRAM (Cmd-Option-P-R). Another thing
	you could do is to try to boot from a CD (like Debian's or
	MacOS X). Yet another thing to do would be to try to boot the
	machine with Option pressed. This should give you a graphical
	bootloader which would help in recognizing if the hardware is
	working or not and if the problem is just with software.

	Since your machine is relatively recent, it might still be
	covered by the warranty, if it was purchased here and not

	Thankfully, my iBook was purchased this year and has survived
	up to now. But as I am a quite conservative guy, I don't
	expose it to any abuses.

	Hope this helps, Roger...

  Rogério Brito - rbrito@ime.usp.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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