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The last time something like that happened to me (on a PC though), it
was my hard disk dieing.. so I'd say at the worst you'd probably have to
get a new hard disk.. and again, this is the worst case scenario..
hopefully it won't be this bad... I'm pretty sure it won't be your
"computer" (i.e. CPU etc.) per se.. so take it easy..


On 18 Dec 2002 16:25:55 -0200
Alessander de Souza Goulart <sander.souza@winvest.com.br> wrote:

> I need a gun... I need put end in my life!!!!
> My fantastic PowerBook G4-667Mhz (Titanium), has die... It's play
> initial "boing", search everything in DVDROM drive and stop. Everyone
> has passed for this?
> Help me, please!!!
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