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rbrito writes:

> On Dec 18 2002, Elizabeth Barham wrote:
> > Possibly the battery.
> 	I didn't know that, but one way to isolate the problem is to
> 	plug it directly on the wall without using the battery. This
> 	works with my iBook and I'd expect it to work with the
> 	TiBooks.

   On my Starmax (desktop), if the battery that holds information like
time and other parameters goes bad it takes the whole system with it;
removing the battery itself remedies the problem.

   But on the laptop side, I have an old Toshiba 486 laptop whose
batteries no longer hold much of a charge and I literally will have to
re-start on and off for like 15 minutes or so; eventually it starts up
all the way but before that it goes a little and then just stops, sort
of progressing to a full boot up with each attempt.

    Note that the above machine *is* plugged in. A new laptop battery
would probably remedy this situation but they're a little over my
budget especially since I have no need to use the laptop right now.


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