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Re: Report of success on iBook3 in woody/sid with video, dri and airport OK

> now, but this was not so until I updated the kernel module radeon.o,
> obtainable by adding
> deb http://people.debian.org/~daenzer/dri-trunk/ ./
> to sources.list and apt-getting drm-trunk-module-src (use to rebuild
> radeon.o).

Gary.. can you please outline the steps involved in rebuilding and
updating kernel module radeon.o? Currently, when I start X using "X", it
crashes with a blank screen. I ssh'd into the machine and tried starting
X again to see what the error was and it says modprobe can't find module
radeon. So is this missing from the benh kernel or did the installation
of dri-trunk have something to do with it? 

I got the drm-trunk-module-src as you mentioned but am not familiar with
the commands needed to create the module radeon.o and where to put it..


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