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Report of success on iBook3 in woody/sid with video, dri and airport OK

Hi all!

After 2 nights of merging patches and recompiling stuff, I managed to 
have my iBook3 (800MHz, 12", 640M RAM, Combo, Airport) to run debian, 
XWindow, and Aiport perfectly.

The only bug remaining (and I saw on the lists benh was working on it) 
is the sleep mode that kills the machine. I have tried to use pmud -k 
for this yesterday.

The procedure :

1 - install woody the normal way (ie branden's way)
2 - add the dri trunk packages to sources.list (url from 
www.apt-get-org) (don't forget to untar the files in /usr/src after it 
was installed)
3 - Get a VERY recent kernel for benh in the bitkeeper tree ( thanks to 
the #linuxppc@opn guys for this), the rsync one is not sufficient.
4 - optionnaly get from airsnort.shmoo.com a 0.11b orinoco driver which 
you can patch for monitor mode, include in drivers/net/wireless
5 - apt-get install kernel-package ; cd /usr/src/linuxppc_2_4_benh
6 - make-kpkg --revision=iBook3v5wifi kernel-image modules-image
7 - Install the debs ( may need --force-overwrite for the drm ones)
8 - put append="video=radeon hdb=ide-scsi" in yaboot.conf, and run ybin

Reboot and enjoy!

Voila, I hope it covers some interogations from users like me.
If you want more info about the procedure I used, email me or post on 
the list, it's good for the archives.

I uploaded .deb binaries on my idisk (login : thinko), If the files 
prove to be interesting, tell me and I will bug squash them, make a 
better .config for preventing overlay of modules, and we may mirror it 

Anyway this iBook is a Wonderful linux machine ( faster than my athlon 
1G on gentoo)
It runs glxgears @ 1000fps in 16b mode and supports agp 2x ( and 3hours 
long bzflag sessions ;)


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