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Re: The life of the batteries in the IBook running linux

David R?hr (david@rohr.nu) schrieb:

> On Sun, 08 Dec 2002 [01:09],
>     Jan-Hendrik Palic (jan.palic@linux-debian.de) wrote:
> > What are your experiences?
> This is interesting, the tech sheet for my iBook says that it should
> have a life time up to 5h. But when it's fully loaded, all
> battery-applets tells me that it's only 4h left.
This seems to be due they don't take tthe real battery life. MacOS X has
very many things to save power, e.g. it decreases the brightness of the
display after a very short time etc. Like this it is really possible to
come around 5h.
If you use your possibilities consequently this is also possible unter
linux: especially decreasing the monitor brightness brings very much,
like this I already achieved more than 5h.

mfG Johannes

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