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iBook, mobile phone, bluetooth and text messages (SMS)


I used to send some SMS via Internet, but unfortuneately there are not
any good services left on the market. Either I have to pay for my SMS or
I need to sign up.

So i was asking myself, which alternatives I have:

1) sending through a modem gateway to an SMSC -> possible, but I did not
try it yet. Does anybody use this and can he/she report. I need to send
to german mobiles from within germany.

2) sending with my mobile connected to my ibook. This is what I am
really interested in. Since I don't have a serial port, I could use USB
or Bluetooth (with an USB-Bluetooth dongle) only. How do the
USB-Datacables work? Is that usable? How can I send SMS using bluetooth?

If you use bluetooth, please tell me/us, which mobile and which dongle
you are using. Which is the cheapest mobile with bluetooth?

3) which other ways would you propose?

Bye, claas

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