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Re: alsa & pmud


Michael Schmitz (schmitz@mail.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de) schrieb:

> > --snip--
> > vector: 400 at pc = 000090c0, lr = c000548c
> > msr = 40001032, sp = d42fddd0 [d42fdd20]
> > current = d42fc000, pid = 284, comm = pmud
> > mon>
> It would help tremendously if you'd care to mention the powerbook model
> this happens on. The new ibook2 models are known to have problems getting
> the video hardware to sleep, in particular.
Oh, sorry, just forgot it :-(

Machine is an ibook2 dual USB (the one with the radeon M6LY) with debian
sid. The error still exists, even with the 2.4.20-rc4-ben0.
With dmasound sleep mode is absolutely no problem, with alsa it hangs
with the message above.
Please let me know if I forgot again something ;-)

Johannes Volkmann

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