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Re: alsa & pmud

> some time ago I had a problem with videos that played too slow and
> someone in here told me to try alsa. Thats what I did, I downloaded and
> installed the latest alsa via CVS. Compile went fine and the sound now
> works very fine, and at last I am able to watch films :-)
> But (there ever seems to be a hook) when I close the lid to put it
> asleep, the screen flickers, wents out to go on again. It is then some
> kind of interlaced, with a very small resolution and seemingly some
> pictures over each other (as it always look when waking up... but
> notmally it works after 2 or 3 seconds). Also the small light doesn't
> turn on. The machine doesn't react on anything then, neither on a simple
> ping, nor on an attempt to wake it up via ether-wake.
> In the upper left corner it writes:
> --snip--
> vector: 400 at pc = 000090c0, lr = c000548c
> msr = 40001032, sp = d42fddd0 [d42fdd20]
> current = d42fc000, pid = 284, comm = pmud
> mon>

It would help tremendously if you'd care to mention the powerbook model
this happens on. The new ibook2 models are known to have problems getting
the video hardware to sleep, in particular.


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