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Re: how to downgrade

So, my .02 answer to your question
would be to downgrade.

... and how do I downgrade?




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On Sat, Nov 30, 2002 at 08:52:58PM -0800, Ashifi wrote:
I just upgraded to the "unstable" branch, and although i've got Gnome 2
going, I can't get sawfish, nor any other window manager going. It
tells me it had an error with the authentication method, hence all my
applications open windowless (pretty annoying!)

Should I downgrade? How can I install a window manager?

This is not really a powerpc question...

To see what packages are available for window managers,

apt-cache search x-window-manager

Gnome 2 is pretty new; probably you might find some posts in the last
month or so. But as a general rule, you should probably not be getting
into the unstable distribution unless you're pretty adept at handling
problems like this and worse.
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